The 90 Day


Mindset Reset

Do you often find yourself unable to keep promises to yourself, attempting to make new choices or create new habits but always falling back on your old ones?

Do you often find yourself responding emotionally to events, feeling out of control, and even ashamed about your behaviour after the fact?

Do you often find yourself distracted and/or disconnected from yourself and others and/or the present moment itself, maybe feeling lost in thoughts of the past or the future?

Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed and torn down by internal critical thoughts, making it difficult to tune into your physical, emotional and spiritual needs?

Do you often find it a struggle to express your self worth, needs, beliefs and/or feelings in relationships?

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed or feeling unable to cope with stress or any (or all) of your feelings? (This can show up in the form of procrastination and avoidance) 

Do you often find yourself repeating past experiences and patterns in your day to day life?