Boss of your

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A 90 Minute Workshop

Do you want to...

Learn to put yourself first with more ease

Become more self aware and have a better understanding of your own needs and wants
Feel more in tune with yourself by honouring what feels good for YOU
Have the tools to communicate these needs and wants to others without feeling guilty for wanting the things that you want for yourself. 
Be a better partner, daughter, mother, sister, friend or colleague
Feel less stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or angry
Have more trust and confidence in yourself and others

Have your boundaries respected and know how to better respect and honour others' boundaries


I get it...

You're tired of feeling like you're letting someone down whenever you say "no".

I'll bet you're probably also over being a people pleaser, allowing people to walk all over you, allowing others to dictate your future and what you should be doing.


If you want to stop settling and start feeling in alignment and a sense of inner peace then boundaries might just be for you!

Whether you struggle with general anxiety or chronic fatigue, strained relationships, self-doubt, or troubled finances, the solution always begins with HEALTHY BOUNDARIES.

"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others."

- Brene Brown -

Maybe you...

- often feel confused about what your responsibilities are and end up over-extending yourself 


- swallow feelings of anger and resentment in order to keep the peace


- feel burned out   


- find it agonising to tell others how you really feel or what you really want


- find that people often take advantage of you because you're so . . . nice


- only feel okay with yourself if you're making others happy


- often feel controlled by your to-do list

- are filled with self-doubt and find yourself turning to others for their opinions and advice 

- find that people don't seem to hear your "no"

- worry a lot and often feel anxious.

If any bells went off this workshop is for 


you need to know:


Saturday 26th June 2021  

2:00pm BST (9:00am Toronto/NYC, 4:00pm Nairobi)

This is a 90 minute online workshop that I'll be hosting on Zoom. 

All the details and resources you'll need to access and prepare for the workshop will be sent directly to your inbox once you've registered. 

This workshop will be recorded so that you can have lifetime access to it.