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The 4 week online group coaching program designed to help you set healthy boundaries with yourself, at home, at work and with friends, so that you can live a guilt-free life on YOUR terms!

Enrolment reopening soon!

Heading 3

Heading 3

You're here because you want to...

Have the confidence and tools to say "no" and honor yourself

Take care of yourself so that your cup is full and you have more to give

Give yourself permission to go for your own dreams


Release fear, guilt, obligation and resentment


See your own true value and know how to give to yourself

"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others."

- Brene Brown -

Let me guess, you...

Are you tired of feeling like you're letting someone down whenever you say "no". 


Often feel confused about what your responsibilities are and end up over-extending yourself 

Often swallow feelings of anger and resentment in order to keep the peace


Feel burned out   


Struggle to tell others how you really feel or what you really want

Often feel controlled by your to-do list

Are filled with self-doubt and find yourself turning to others for their opinions and advice 

Find that people don't seem to hear your "no"

Worry a lot and often feel anxious.

Or maybe it's the other way around?

You have a hard time taking no for an answer

You feel possessive of your loved ones, and feel jealous if they get too close to others


You speak and act for the people closest to you

You believe your way is the right way


You assume you know what's best for the ones you're closest to


You have difficulty allowing your children to make their own choices about their lives


You feel rejected if people don't take your advice and pressure them into doing it your way


You use anger or drama to get your way or to keep people close to you

You withdraw love and affection from those you care about as a form of punishment for not doing what you want


If ANY bells went off, this course is for 

***Enrolment doesn't open until 1st July 2021, so join the waitlist to make sure you're the first to know when doors open because spots are limited!***



  • more ease and intimacy in your close relationships

  • personal resilience & improved health

  • more time and energy (and money!) for the things you care about

  • healthier professional relationships

  • greater self-awareness

  • a deeper connection to your own personal values

  • an authentic sense of self-trust

  • greater clarity

  • less overwhelm & worry

  • less self-doubt & more confidence

  • increased psychological flexibility and greater freedom

  • an ability to foster trust and security for yourself and others

The Better                         Bootcamp


The Better Boundaries Bootcamp isn't so much a course or program as it is na immersion into EVERYTHING you could need to understand, set and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of your life. 

With a range of proven tools to use, personal guidance from ME, and a dynamic community of like-minded women to support you on your journey, you'll wave goodbye to the feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness, leave the people-pleasing behind and ditch the unhealthy boundaries that are keeping you stuck. 

The end result: more confidence, more self-awareness, more energy, a greater sense of self-trust, some badass boundaries and an epic new support system of beautiful women that are going to help you stay on track moving forward!


How it all works....

Once you are enrolled, you will receive access to all the modules that make up this transformative 4 week course in which I share with you everything I know about setting healthy boundaries that are going to ensure you're living a life YOU love, on YOUR terms.


In addition, you will get...

Group Coaching Calls:

The Better Boundaries Bootcamp isn’t just about watching videos – it’s about giving you the support and accountability you need to implement the trainings and genuinely transform both your mindset and your habits to ensure you are building and maintaining healthier boundaries.

Over the course of the program, you’ll benefit from 4 small-group coaching calls with personal support from yours truly, so we can dig deep and help you make incredible breakthroughs.


Exclusive Voxer Support

In this intimate Voxer group with direct support from me and your peers, in the program, you’ll receive the highest level of accountability and encouragement from a group of inspiring women who totally get you. 


This is where you’ll get your most pressing questions answered quickly, share your wins and struggles, and connect with other like-minded women who are on their own badass boundary journey. 



I have two options for you to choose from:

A one-off investment of 


3 instalments of


(Spread over 6 weeks)